I write about a lot of different things

Writing about diverse subject matter is fun, exciting and inspirational. Mostly on this blog I present book reviews: scholarly, non-fiction and a few fiction works. But I have much more in my portfolio. To see my other writings, please visit my blog Piemonte is Life which features substantial writings about life in Piedmont, Italy: culture, food, wine, nature and more. Piedmont is famous for its wine production and it goes steadfastly hand in hand with its unique food culture and practices, being influenced from local traditions throughout the region.

And I also have a gardening blog: Spirit of the Garden. This particular blog focuses on a Monferrine garden and orchard—nature’s vitality greatly inspired me—it’s an expression of the relationship I had with the plants in my vegetable garden as well as the wide variety of fruit and nut trees I cultivated.

My writings emerge spontaneously from living a life. I live to write—the writing has a life of its own.

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