Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Do you need someone to proofread your manuscript?  Do you need content editing?  Do you need critical commentary?  Do you need ideas? Do you need a ghostwriter? I can do all of these things!

I can work on diverse subject matter, whether it’s fiction, or non-fiction (marketing, fashion, cooking, baking, wine, gardening, animals, nature etc.). To show you some of my other writing apart from my book reviews, please visit my blog “Piemonte is Life”  piemonteislife.wordpress.com  Moreover, I have an extensive portfolio of other writings I’ve produced over the years.

Plus, I can do translations:  German into English.  I’m a native English and German speaker, and also studied German at university and business school.

I offer fair rates, flexible terms to suit your budget and can meet tight deadlines! For a gratis estimate of your project, contact me at:  karife777@yahoo.co.uk , or we can chat on Skype.



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