Supporting rider Jonty Evans to save his Olympic partner Art

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I’m supporting Jonty Evans Irish Rio Olympics 3-day event rider and his equine partner “Art” / Cooley Rorkes Drift. An extraordinary crowdfunding campaign to save their Olympic partnership is currently in full force. In my entire life as a horsey person, I’ve never seen something like this. A rider fighting so hard to save his partner. It’s heartbreaking.

Never, never give up…


The bond between Jonty and Art is very special. I’d like to see this Irish-bred horse stay with it’s current rider Jonty Evans, who has spent many years producing the horse—it’s very hard work. Art trusts Jonty wholeheartedly, and in a sport like 3-day eventing that is extremely important and necessary. I’d like to see Cooley Rorkes Drift continue being a member of the Irish team. I also think that it would not be good for the horse to be suddenly taken away from the rider he so deeply trusts. Never underestimate the close bond between a horse and its rider. I can see no reason why this partnership should be broken. Jonty loves Art, and he’s doing everything he can to secure the ownership of his partner. If it’s a matter of money, then funding has to be found.

The sale price of the horse is astronomical — £550,000 — and it’s almost impossible for Jonty, if not most international 3-day event riders, to come up with that kind of money to secure the ownership of a horse. What is so heartbreaking is when you see a rider like Jonty who has given his “ALL” to care for and train a horse and then to see this horse, after many people suddenly took notice of this horse’s performance at the Rio Olympics and other recent competitions, being taken away from him. Jonty needs help. Jonty needs the peoples help.

Jonty and Art will NOT be able to compete at the European Eventing Championships in Strzegom, Poland in two weeks if the ownership matter is not settled, otherwise the horse will be sold. I don’t want to see this happen.  And, I’d like to Jonty and Art compete in the next Summer Olympics in the Tokyo!

Being an Olympic athlete is tough and expensive, and it can be very heartbreaking too! A horse is not like a pair of running shoes, a pair of skis, or a tennis racket that can be quickly replaced. A horse is a living creature with a soul. A horse is sentient and intelligent. And it can take years to build up a close, trusting relationship, not to mention the intense physical training endured, that is needed to successfully compete at the Olympic international level. Jonty and Art are a superb combination, but they need financial help if they are going to stay together. I also know that if Art stays with Jonty he will have a forever home where he will be very well taken care of. This is another reason why I’m strongly supporting the crowdfunding campaign.

I’m tweeting and engaging with social media as much as I can, along with so many other people (!), to help Jonty Evans raise the funds needed to save Art from being taken away. The bond between Jonty and Art is special. Time is running out…

Let’s make their dream come true !

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Karin Susan Fester  //  Twitter  @Books_Lagniappe

Declaration: I’ve owned horses and ridden all of my life. I competed. Supported Pony Club. Sponsored kids to ride. I’ve slept all night out in barns taking care of sick horses. My horses always ate before I did. I’ve felt the pain of losing a horse I dearly loved. I’ve always made an effort to help other horse people in times of need. Horses are my passion.