Another review on its way

Just finished writing another review: It’s about an extraordinary work devoted to medieval logic and Renaissance humanist rhetoric. Definitely a book worth reading if you’re a philosopher, or are attempting to argue and write like one! So enlightening, refreshing and inspirational, especially if you like logical argumentation. Students might find it daunting, but certainly the brave will endure. And if you love analyzing languages and doing translations, and are passionate about Latin, I promise you won’t be left intellectually poor.
The review will be published later this year in an academic journal. So, make a point of coming back and visiting my blog.


Late Autumn in Wiltshire, England


The biography of Judy of Sussex, one of the most heroic dogs that ever lived

A beautiful and touching story…

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Judy. A dog in a Million, by Damien Lewis (London: Quercus Editions Ltd., 2014)

DSC_0132_JUDY 1

Judy. A Dog in a Million by Damien Lewis is a biography of one of the World’s most heroic dogs and the only animal prisoner of war of the Second World War. Judy of Sussex, a stunning liver and white English Pointer, was born in Shanghai, China in 1936 at an English-run kennel. As a young dog she was bought—recruited—by British Naval officers. Judy was the official mascot of two gunboats of the British Royal Navy, the HMS Gnat and HMS Grasshopper, which patrolled the Yangtze River in China prior to and just after the Second World War; once the war began, the Grasshopper sailed the open sea with its crew which included Judy. Later, during the Second World War, she and her fellow crew members were bombed on and shipwrecked numerous times. She suffered and…

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