Is Italy Ungovernable?

Is Italy Ungovernable?

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The elections just held in Italy present us with a situation of ungovernability, the difference in votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senators can be considered very minimal.

Nobody won, nobody lost. . . better to say: they have lost both coalitions more than anything.  In fact, there is a winner: “Movimento 5 stelle”, with its 25% presence of the seats, stands now as the largest party in Italy.  Certainly this is a very complex situation, at a time when Europe’s political and complex crisis is happening. Speaking of alliances between major coalitions is a utopia, their programs are so dissimilar that this perspective is inapplicable. “Movimento 5 stelle” said they did not want to form an alliance with any of the major parties, therefore, a situation like this in Italy today leads us to think that most likely there will be new elections in the short term.  And the Italians?  As always, their luck is abandoned in a chaos that does not give good prospects for the future, that is, the rising unemployment, an economy in recession, and businesses closing every day because they are suffocated by taxes.  The rigidity imposed by Europe did not take into account that in the Italian reality this would not be feasible in such a short period, and the result is that Europe would face the consequences.

Let’s just hope for a revival of the European community, in the spirit of unity and not in the spirit of only thinking about individual benefits, as this policy rigidity was only good for a few states.

In the coming months we will see the consequences of this election crazyness, both for Europe and for Italy.

Addendum:  And see today’s article in the   Corriere della Sera  about how German political leaders are insulting the Italians, and Napolitano was very insulted–he even cancelled his appointment.   The stupid behavior and silly stuff needs to be put aside.  Europe needs to cooperate!   How else will we be able to get through this unprecedented crisis that affects each and every country in the European Union?!

By Karin Susan Fester, copyright  (c) 2013