I will be writing more book reviews soon. In the meantime it’s apples and pears…

At this moment I am quite busy with harvesting apples and pears and other work. It seems I can always find something to do—no time for boredom!

Piedmontese apples

Also the grape harvest here in the Monferrato has begun. The weather is now hot and dry here in Piedmont, Italy and this is the time to get all the outdoor work done before the autumn rains arrive.

The Monferrato

I get up quite early in the morning and work outdoors until evening. That’s the country life! You have to love it and live with it. The weather so to speak dictates my plans for the day, even the week. When the weather is good I work outside. And inclement weather allows me to sit indoors all day and write to my heart’s full content. In those moments my computer does not feel neglected and I also have more time to spend on social network platforms. Folks that’s how it is!

Pear tree in the Monferrato

Advice for the day: Eat fruit regularly because it’s healthy, nutritious and energy laden, especially the organic fruits.  At least eat an apple a day.

Visit my blog again soon for more reviews and lagniappe !

Karin Susan

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