Just listened to an excellent video…

Just listened to an excellent video lecture presented by Dr. Gregory Sadler on YouTube, entitled

Dr. Sadler’s Chalk and Talk: Are Fundamentalists Medieval or (Anti-)Modern?

This “Chalk and Talk” video is available at the following link:


It was very enlightening!  Dr. Sadler presents a series of very interesting videos on various philosophical themes and issues that are relevant to our times.

I look forward to listening to more of Dr. Sadler’s “Chalk and Talk” videos on YouTube.


Podcast: Hume and Civil Society, lecture by Prof. Stewart Sutherland

Last Friday, the 2nd of March, The Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, in London presented “Hume’s Legacy” , a series of public lectures focusing on the 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776).

One lecture which I found particularly excellent was the one given by Professor Stewart Sutherland entitled “Hume and Civil Society” .  This presentation is available on podcast and you can listen to it at the following link:


If you, like myself have an interest in the philosophical work of David Hume you will certainly find Professor Sutherland’s podcast excellent.  Since I do not travel to London so frequently, this podcast and the others on the Backdoorbroadcasting website are an ideal opportunity for listening to philosophical presentations that one would otherwise not be able to listen to.


Karin Susan